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Awesome Boat Club Beginnings

As a boat owner for years I always felt there was a better way to go boating. Membership boating has been around for a long time in America and is still relatively new in Australia with other companies already operating successfully in Sydney and Melbourne. With Lake Macquarie twice the size of Sydney Harbour there are so many place to explore and enjoy by boat.

“Iam Awesome” is the first boat in our fleet and the expectation is to grow to 3 over the next 18 months. The second Awesome boat will be a 5.5 Aluminium fishing boat specifically for those who love their fishing. Our third Awesome boat after construction will be a permanently trailer based version of our first boat, which will allow members to explore our amazing region of waterways, from the Hunter to the Hawkesbury and beyond.

At 2.5m wide “Iam Awesome” is the same dimension as a caravan and tows very easily. It will act perfectly as a caravan for land based holidays or launch it on a river and then you won’t be paying any site fees.

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Our Boat: "Iam Awesome"

Iam Awesome is a custom designed and purpose built boat, specifically for The Awesome Boat Club. After looking around for a boat that would provide the best experience on the lake with the theme of boating made easy I decided on building a similar boat to the one I had built 12 years earlier. The hull is all aluminium and the full length windows give almost 360 degree viewing of the lake while out on the water. The front and rear decks give great access to the sun and water and are perfect for entertaining with friends. Whatever the weather Iam Awesome has you covered with a fully enclosed cabin with lounge seating and day bed. The Evaya roller blinds create privacy while also protecting you from the hot sun.

Fitted with a 115HP motor capable of pushing you along at a very comfortable 25 knots or just idling along to your favourite spot with a length of 7.5m and 2.5m wide with a shallow draft, Iam Awesome is a very stable boat .

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Dads in Distress

Helping our Community:
Dad’s in Distress

Awesome Boat Club is a supporter of Dad’s in Distress Support Group which gives valuable support to Dad’s going through the difficulty of divorce. Not only are we trying to create an awareness of the groups function but Awesome Boat Club members can become active in this support by including and sponsoring in their membership, a “Dad” who is doing it tough emotionally or financially. Sponsoring a “Dad” enables him to have time with his kids out on the water where they can all forget about the land based stresses and just focus on creating great memories together on the beautiful waters of Lake Macquarie.

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