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There is a better way to go boating without all of the hassles and cost...

Membership Boating is the answer!
Awesome Boat Club is your answer.

Awesome Boat Club is your equity free and hassle free passport to the boating community
located in Toronto on the beautiful Lake Macquarie, NSW
Arrive - Board - Cruise

Membership boating removes ALL of the hassles associated with owning a boat. No more maintenance or insurance costs. No more boat ramps. No more parking and storage. No more cleaning. 

With membership prices starting from as little as $75 per week, boating has never been easier.

How does membership boating work?

One membership passport is equal to 15 days exclusive use of the boat over the period of 12 months. We have 3 membership options to select from.  You can share your membership with up 2 other people and share the costs while spreading the load to avoid peak day congestion.

After signing on, members are provided with full training on our custom designed and purpose built boat specifically for Awesome Boat Club members use. Members  will familiarise themselves with the boat and to maintain the level of safety and responsibility and boating integrity required to make their boating experience enjoyable while being mindful of keeping the boat operational for the next member.

Standard Boat licence is required and is available through the membership.

Awesome Boat Club is about to launch our first boat in October 2018. We have a limited number of memberships available and have created a special offer for the first 3 people that claim their Membership Passport.

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Claim your Passport to Membership Boating

Register your interest for the launch of our first boat.

We have just 15 memberships available for our first boat and for the first 3 who go on to receive their Membership Passport to Awesome Boating will be given extra days aboard the boat as a bonus.

Register using the form now and we will let you know when our October launch day is and more details on how you can get involved.

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