Membership Boating is the answer!
Awesome Boat Club is your answer.

There is a better way to go boating without all of the hassles and cost...
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Awesome Boat Club is your equity free and hassle free passport to the boating community
located in Toronto on the beautiful Lake Macquarie, NSW
Arrive - Board - Cruise

Membership boating removes ALL of the hassles associated with owning a boat. No more maintenance or insurance costs. No more boat ramps. No more parking and storage. No more cleaning.

Boating has never been easier.

Costs of Owning a Boat vs. Awesome Boat Club Membership

Own the Experience, not the Boat

Boat Costs

  • Purchase costs on a depreciating asset.
  • Maintenance on boat and trailer
  • Registration for Boat and Trailer
  • Insurance for boat and trailer
  • Safety Gear update and replacement
  • Towing Parking
  • Boat Ramp queues
  • Launching and retrieving
  • Washdown
  • Unpack and boat storage

ABC Membership

  • Arrive Board Cruise
  • Walk on, Walk off
  • Pay As You Go Boating
  • Only pay for fuel used
  • Boating Made Easy

How does membership boating work?

Membership boating is very different to equity or “share” boating, commonly known as boatshare, where you purchase a share of the boat. While this reduces the cost of the initial boat purchase, it has the potential to cost more in in depreciation and your money is tied up in the boat. Then you still have to pay for maintenance and insurance and mooring fees etc as well as working out who is going to organise and pay for all of that. The potential for disagreement escalates quite quickly in boatshare arrangements.

At Awesome Boat Club our mantra is Boating Made Easy and we want you to own the experience of the boating lifestyle without owning the boat. Everything is done for you so you can Arrive Board Cruise. Awesome Boat Club wants to remove all of the hassles that go with boat ownership so that you can save time and money and focus on being out on the water faster and for much longer because you don’t have to factor in time at the boat ramps or to clean the boat when you get back. We do all of that for you.

How does Awesome Boat Club work?

After signing on, members are provided with full training by an accredited boat trainer on our custom designed and purpose built boat specifically for Awesome Boat Club members use. Members will familiarise themselves with the boat and to maintain the level of safety and responsibility and boating integrity required to make their boating experience enjoyable while being mindful of keeping the boat operational for the next member.

Standard Boat licence is required and is available through the membership at a discounted rate.

Pay As You Go Boating….. Awesome.

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